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iPhone 13 Price in Pakistan will be much higher-Here is Why?

iPhone 13 price in Pakistan

Well, you heard it right. Sadly, iPhone 13 will be priced much higher in Pakistan than, the rest of the world. There are three reasons for it.

  • Global chip shortage
  • Black market in Pakistan
  • PTA tax on luxury phones

So, the iPhone 12 series is still making much hype. And it’s still an expensive buy in Pakistan. Out of the reach of the common man.

And generally, there is no doubt, that Apple is pricier than its competitors. But with the price comes the style statement and quality, for sure.

Apple shared its fear of global chip shortage in a recent conference call of executives with the investors. And the words came from none other than Apple CEO, Tim Cook.

While the impact of the chip shortage was less severe than feared in the third quarter, it will get worse in the fourth, extending to iPhone production

Apple executives, during conference call with investors

Why the iPhone 13 will be highly-priced in Pakistan?

So there are few factors to it. We already told you about the global chip shortage. The chip shortage has affected the smartphone industry badly. It is due to the Pandemic outbreak. The Apple factory in Vietnam is not working up to its full strength. The workers are working in shifts. And the associated problems continue. Moreover, in the recent Pandemoc global use of smartphones, laptops and Pads has increased manifold, and as a result, there is much stress. We already saw some huge sales of True wireless Stereo Headsets as well.

Tim Cook said, that the chip shortage has been further affected due to huge and rather more than usual sales of the iPhone 12 lineup. And that huge sale is more contributed to iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is the most selling phone of the iPhone 12 family.

iPhone 12 Pro Max price in Pakistan varies from 2 lakh to all the way to 2 lakh 80 thousand for the upper variant. That’s insane. That is why we recommend, to use iPhone 11 Pro Max instead. Which is still sturdy and is a good alternative to the pricier upper brother.

iPhones do not come to Pakistan through the official chain. These are smuggled from Dubai. Last year we saw insane prices being quoted by local distributors for the initial iPhones 12 that arrived. And people were buying them at that high price.

Will iPhone 13 justify its price

The type of users of iPhone does not care for the price in Pakistan. And we are predicting that to be the same for the next iPhone. iPhone 13 will be priced in Pakistan at an astonishing price, starting from 3,25000 PKR, as per estimates taken from the market survey. And the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will go all the way from 3,50,000 to the insane price of 400,000 PKR.

We already told you that as to why people prefer iPhones over Andriod. The debate is long. But do check out our article on iPhone vs Andriod to know all the differences, the pros, and cons of the continuous smartphones war?

Moreover, there is no major design change in iPhone 13. Its cameras will be better and bigger. The pictures and videos will be the major upgrade. A 120 Hz refresh rate and few more colors. Moreover, the iPhone 13 Pro Max will have an option of 1TB storage as well. We have a range of articles on all the upgrades that the iPhone 13 will be offering. And as a bonus, if you are a die-hard iPhone fan, then we do know a bit about the cameras of iPhone 14 as well.


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