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TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earbuds shipments increased about 310 million this year

TWS earbuds

The shipments of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds are rapidly increasing day by day. The wireless earbuds got immense response and the world is crazy for them. It is expected that the shipments will increase more in 2021. According to a recent research forecast report, 310 million TWS earphones were dispatched in 2021. If we compare it with 2020, the earphones shipment increased about 33%. According to the previous records the shipments were about 233 million in 2020.

The world is in the cage of Covid-19 and it decreased customer spending badly. We assumed that this ongoing pandemic will bring down the shipments and put stress on supply chains, but that didn’t happen.

Despite the critical situations and low consumer spending, people seemed more interested in buying wireless earphones.  TWS earphone shipments increased rapidly by 78% last year worldwide. As per recent reports, in 2020 there were more than enough shipments initially which lead us to assume that 2020 broke the records.

But in 2021, it is established, after seeing the sales, that the TWS earphones are the most recommended products with low to mid-range offerings. Since the TWS earphones shipments grew in 2021, we can say that it’s experiencing the highest growth.

Presently high-end earphones are using coin cells. We have seen the case of Apple’s AirPods Pro and Samsung Galaxy buds. Seeing the trend, LG has stopped manufacturing round cells and has decided to manufacture Coin cells. The move is aimed to grab the contract from Apple and Samsung

Apple holds a mammoth share in global TWS Earbuds sales

Apple’s wireless earbuds are going to capture the most shipments again just like in the past years as per expectations. Apple’s shipments are with 27% market share. Whereas Samsung is bringing out the top three standings with its 7% market share. Apple will release its AirPods in the fall and the market share will be increased from July to September. Moreover, it will be the peak time for the market and the era to gain the interest of people in apple’s AirPods. Moreover, Apple has entered high-end listening devices through Airpods Max.


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