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iPhone 13 specifications leak

iPhone 13 price in Pakistan

Rumors are circulating about iPhone 13 specification leaks. According to William Yang, an analyst at JPMorgan Chase, it is said that Apple will release four models of iPhone 13 or 12s. The company will increase the width or thickness of a phone. Moreover, Apple will reduce the notch. However, the screen size of the iPhone 13 will be the same as iPhone 12.

iPhone 13

                                                                        iPhone 13 might have 4 cameras

iPhone 13 Specification Leaks – Battery life and 120 Hz refresh rate

Apple has considered battery life since iPhone 12 users complained about the short battery timing of smartphones. Increased thickness of the phone indirectly says about the battery timing. Apple may increase battery life after facing criticism. Furthermore, the company looks forward to its maximum shipments of the iPhone 13 in 2021.

The refresh rate of the iPhone 13 pro and pro max will be around 120Hz. They will feature OLED displays as well. William yang also added that the new model will outpace the iPhone 12 in first-quarter shipments. The maximum target is 90 million.

Just In: The news of better batteries and a high refresh rate in the iPhone 13 line-up is almost confirmed via a leak

William yang said, apple will stop making an iPhone12 mini at the beginning of 2021, whereas the apple company will make tangible changes in the iPhone 13 mini. These changes will make the new mini’s appearance more attractive and marketable.

Apple Defeated Samsung

Apple defeated the Samsung series globally in the mobile phone market. The company showed a huge jump in the last months of the year 2020, while the position of Huawei weakened last year.

The surge is driven by the release of the iPhone 12 lineup, which supports fifth-generation networks.
As per counterpoint research, iPhone’s shipment increased 22% in the previous month. Apple has shipped 90 million pieces of smartphones and has around 23% market share.
Analysts noted that Apple has strengthened its position in the premium segment in China. According to Tim Cook, CEO of apple; the top three selling premium smartphones in China are from Apple.


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[…] Read: iPhone 13 specifications leak […]


[…] Read: iPhone 13 specifications leak […]


[…] iPhone 13 specifications leak […]


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