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Corona Virus and 5G-Myths vs Reality

Picture depicting 5G and corona virus is in background

The debates over Corona Virus and 5G signals are getting a rise in the world. Coronavirus has already brought unfavorable conditions for everyone. And the fear of its spread has affected the world dangerously. In these circumstances, another rumor is circulating in some countries. It’s about coronavirus and 5G networks being linked together.

According to rumors, 5G signals help coronavirus to transmit and affect the immune system. But the statements given by the scientists are not in favor. Medical researchers opine that the transmittance of coronavirus through 5G mobile signals is biologically impossible.

There’s absolutely no way that the Corona Virus and 5G signals are linked together. Moreover, a group of celebrities including Woody Harrelson and John Cusack, British rapper M.I.A. and Wiz Khalifa, have tweeted about the false rumors regarding covid-19 and 5G signals. Social media platforms such as Facebook are taking aggressive steps to remove this false news. Furthermore, Facebook is trying to stop misinformation and harmful content from spreading. The company said we are trying to connect people with correct information about covid-19.

Countries in South America have started a protest to stop 5G signals, as they consider it the cause of coronavirus. Influencers and Russia are circulating conspiracy theories that link the coronavirus to the super-fast wireless 5G technology.

On the other hand, scientists have claimed with evidence that the viruses have no relation with radio waves. Furthermore, it’s spreading even in those countries where technology doesn’t exist. However, some famous politicians and Islamic scholars are still spreading fake news. The rumors and theories about 5G and coronavirus have been rejected by Full fact, a UK-based fact-checking authority.

Scientists have given their statements that all these claims are irrelevant because 5G signals cannot weaken human immunity. Scientists from World Health Organization also support these claims.

Now it’s time to share authentic knowledge with people so they can stop themselves from circulating false news.

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