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Reasons, why Samsung Galaxy S21 is worse than S20

Picture shows Galaxy S21 Plus line up in three colours

It will not be wrong to say that the Samsung Galaxy S21 series took some heavy inspiration, both in form and functioning. But there are many reasons to say that the Samsung Galaxy S21 is worse than the S20. Unlike last year, there is a division between the three models of Galaxy S21 in 2021. Among these downgrades, some models are just too glaring to pass over.

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S21 doesn’t provide any charger. It will be an additional purchase for users if they go to buy it as we’re not dealing with the headache of a proprietary charging port. Samsung gives its user a USB-C cable, for all Galaxy S21 series, leaving with the option to either reuse an adapter you already have or purchase a new one.
As for the charging, the S21 Ultra has left its support for faster 45W charging. It settles for the same modest 25W speed as the S21 and S21+. With last year’s S20 Ultra, you would have to buy a 45W adapter separately, However, the included 25W brick turned out to be quite capable back then.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 is worse than S20 since it has low RAM capacity. Samsung realized that its call to make 12GB the baseline. The size of the RAM for its whole Galaxy S20 line was a bit overkill. It has backtracked to cap it at 8 gigabytes. The S21 Ultra gets preference once again. Moreover, it’s able to keep its more spacious 12GB and 16GB options, with this change applying to the two cheaper models.

Samsung has slapped a plastic back onto the non-Plus S21. S21 showing its worst if we compare it with S20. Whereas, the other two models are still using glass. Moreover, Samsung has excluded its microSD card slot from the entire S21 series. The S21 and S21 plus means 128GB and 256GB phone capacity. While the S21 Ultra lets you pick between 256GB and 512GB. Additionally, we observed that the base S21 doesn’t support UWB for upcoming applications. Like Digital Key, while the other two models do. Samsung ignored MST also.



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