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Huawei’s folding mate X2 – Release Date

Huawei’s new inward folding design looks really incredible. Huawei has come back with super exciting news about folding mate X2. As per its Weibo website, Huawei confirmed that it will announce the successor to the Mate Xs. On 22nd February, Huawei will announce the official news of its folding mate X2.

Huawei Mate Xs

The phone has an inward folding property. Furthermore, it will feature a 6.45 external display just like the Galaxy Z fold 2. Isn’t it amazing? While the previous records say that Huawei’s diagonal screen size is 8.01 with a resolution of 2480×2222. The refresh rate of this external display is of 90Hz frequency, supplied by Samsung and BOE. It has 5nm kirin 9000 5G chipset support. Unlike 20 series and the magic honor 2 as they did not support 5G. This folded mate X2 will support 66W charging and android 10. Moreover, it will support a battery with electric power of 4,400 milliamp Hours.

Will Huawei folding Mate X2 be able to break records with this one and how it will perform in the real world. The main competitor it is looking at is Samsung devices. Huawei is still not out of the shock of barring Google services. Although it has its own dedicated play store, still consumers are not comfortable with it. This will have a toll on the current device as well. Although it has stunning features, a very good and attractive design. But will it be able to break records. All eyes set on 22nd Feb 2021

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3 years ago

Anxiously waiting for huwaei folding mate X2. Though price would be very high in Pakistan