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OPPO Wireless Air Charging Technology showcased!

Oppo X 2021, Oppo rollable mobile shown in picture

Now Charge your phone in the air!

At MWC Shanghai, Oppo inaugurated “the flash initiative“, which is a flash charging project. Moreover, oppo also assured to license other companies to release their products with Oppo proprietary VOOC fast charging tech. Along with it, they further revealed a new Oppo wireless Air Charging technology.

Oppo released this Air Charging technology via a short video. They showed it with their innovative rollable smartphone named OPPO X 2021. Oppo rollable X 2021 is charging wirelessly on the charging mat ordinarily. But it’s not what it looks like in the beginning. The charger mat keeps charging the handset even someone lifted it a few inches above the mat. So this is the quality of the Oppo Wireless Air charging technology

Oppo Wireless Air Charging

This video has amazingly showcased the ability to charge cell phones via oppo’s new wireless air charging tech. The person will lift up the handset and it will keep charging your phone without a break. Moreover, the company hasn’t revealed any details about this new innovative tech, but we expect to know more shortly.

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Furthermore, the rollable oppo X 2021 is filmed in the video. It has also won the great attention of consumers. This Concept of Handset has turned on the third generation of foldable smartphones. It has an adjustable screen size and a traceless bending screen. As a result, an entirely new experience for electronic devices begins. Whereas, oppo has not revealed the release date yet.

Other Wireless Air Charging Technology

Well, Oppo isn’t the first brand to introduce this technology. Xiaomi has already showcased its Mi Air charging technology. Whereas Xiaomi professed a fast 5w charger charging in the air.

Additionally, Motorola has also demonstrated a similar contactless wireless charging technology, but they haven’t released any more details yet.

The one drawback of a wireless charger is, that you can’t lift the charger up. Now technology has overcome it too. We can’t just predict now how far the technology will go. Despite this fact, we will be able to keep you updated with all upcoming tech you can enjoy. So For more updates on technology stay connected.

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