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Galaxy S20 Camera Glass issue in the US Consumer’s Court – Quality vs price.

Galaxy S20 camera glass issue reported and camera glasses are been broken or facing crakcs

The Samsung 2020 rockstar Galaxy S20 series has become a trouble for the company. Soon after the launch, many consumers reported online about the emergence of unexpected cracks on the rear camera house glass. Though we don’t know the extent of the spread of the Galaxy S20 glass issue. However, the company has declared itself accountable for the problem saying that users are not at fault.

I think it was a smart move by the company, but we know that’s not enough. The company should compensate for the issue. Because when a consumer buys a phone spending $999 (81500 PKR), he expects the quality to be perfect. Though that was not the case with the Galaxy S20 Ultra. As a result of these cracks, the camera functionality which is a basic feature of the handset got affected.

A US law firm has analyzed the issue and thinks that Samsung should compensate for the loss of the consumers. According to them, Samsung has breached the consumer’s protection laws by misleading consumers about quality. Moreover, Hagens Berman talked about Samsung’s irresponsibility in this Galaxy S20 glass issue. As they think that the camera glass was not compatible with the price of the handset.

Moreover, the cracks in the glass affect the main function of the handset I.e. camera. With that, it also invalidates the IP ratings of the handset. As the issue is with almost all the Galaxy S20 devices containing 4G, 5G, and Galaxy S20 FE variants. So it’s surely the companies fault.

Furthermore, all the US citizens affected by the issue can also be part of the class-action lawsuit. You just have to submit this form. For more information stay connected.

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