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OPPO did a collision test of the composite battery and its stunning

OPPO conducted test of it's composite material battery

For the first time we have seen a smartphone battery collision test by OPPO, and it is amazing. The safety of the user is important and the most flammable thing in a smartphone is the battery. It’s a good move by OPPO, where they are showing the safety of OPPO’s composite battery.

We also saw some of the batteries being exploded in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 series. Many videos surfaced and Samsung had to call back for the defective units. In simple terms, excessive heat can cause battery explosion or damage.

Now OPPO has conducted a test of its composite batteries and simulated excessive heat by dropping heavy loads on a battery. The test of composite battery by OPPO and non-composite battery by other brands (not known) clearly showed that OPPO composite battery survived the excessive heat.

Technology is ever-evolving. We saw the MagSafe charging by Apple and MagDart by Realme. The future is unknown but the safety of the flammable material used in batteries needs to be ensured. And OPPO is the first one to demonstrate it via a video.

Fast charging can also generate heat. OPPO terms it as VOOC flash charging. The speeds at which smartphones can be charged are going phenomenal. We already saw the demo of the 200W charging speed by Xiaomi – hypercharge technology.

Moreover, if you make a smartphone do other tasks, during flash charging, the heat process is further increased. Other tasks can be making calls, playing games, or even browsing.

OPPO Battery test video

Users need to feel confident with the fast charging technology. So, it was really needed that smartphone companies come forward and educate users regarding the safety of the batteries used in the smartphone.

And OPPOs is the first one to do that. The test shows how excessive heat can cause a battery to explode. Whereas, the same amount of heat used on a composite battery by OPPO did not do any harm.

OPPO Battery test – Safe charging and composite battery explained

OPPO has introduced a five-layer safety for VOOC flash charge technology. That includes new safety layers, better architecture, and improved AI algorithms.

  • OPPO batteries have a low impedance fuse which is programmed to blow in case of excessive heat or current overload. And can prevent battery explosion.
  • Gallium Nitride switches have been used in OPPO smartphones. Which is capable of flash charging without causing excessive heat.
  • An internal series bi cell is used by OPPO, which is capable of delivering the same amount of flash charge. Moreover, this helps in lowering the heat
  • Furthermore, a battery detection safety kit is installed with improved AI algorithms. Which warns the user If the voltage drop is deemed to have been caused by damage to the battery. In this scenario, the phone will warn the user and initiate additional safety measures to prevent further hazards.
  • The battery uses a new composite material sandwiched between two aluminum layers to replace the typical aluminum-only design found in other batteries. This “sandwich” structure is further coated with additional protective material. That makes up the five-layer composite current collector structure.
  • It improves the safety of the battery by protecting it from short circuits caused by external damage. Testing in the OPPO Lab shows that, without compromising on performance, the new battery passes puncture and collision tests with a 100% success rate.

So, do tell us your thoughts on the pros and cons of fast charging technology. And do you think that OPPO’s test makes you feel comfortable with low-end phones which are using flash charge technology without telling us anything about the safety mechanism being used?


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