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iPhone 13 To Be Unveil In September- TSMC Will Supply A15 Chip In The 3rd Quarter

iPhone 13 to be unveil in September 2021

The good news is here for iPhone lovers! TSMC has started the mass production of the A15 chip for Apple. And is giving priority to iPhone 13 at the most. Due to this, iPhone 13 to be unveiled as per its schedule that is in September 2021.

No doubt, we were not positive about the iPhone 13 release in September due to the shortage of chips that is affecting other companies but rumors suggest that it will be launched as per its schedule.

iPhone 13 A15 chip by TSMC

Apple has a record of holding a launch event in September. This year this event is mainly for iPhone 13– the most awaited smartphone in the eyes of iPhone lovers. TSMC has received ample A15 chip orders and has started its production. It will be supplying chips to Apple in the third quarter and then will complete orders for PCs and other networking devices. The chip suppliers Genesys Logic and Parade Technologies, are also speeding up the production of Apple chips.

TSMC A15 chip
TSMC A15 chip

This A15 chip provided by TSMC will be designed using the N5P process that is the second generation of 5nm. Its efficiency is 30 percent higher and performance 20 percent higher than the A14 chip. Alongside, iPhone 13 will also show some changes in its appearance.

Changes in Design

For four years we have not seen any changes in frontal appearance. But this time Apple is improving the front display and screen-to-body ratio of its iPhone. All the variants of the iPhone 13 will have screens with smaller notches. The notch will house face ID recognition light features however the earpiece will shift to the top of the display.

Like iPhone 12, the 13 series will also be available in four variations-iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and the iPhone 13 Mini. The sizes will be  5.4, 6.1, and 6.7 inches. However, the Pro version will have higher refresh rates of 120Hz and LTPO panels. We expect that this mobile phone to be more efficient in terms of power-saving.

According to a renowned blogger, the rear camera panel of the iPhone 13 pro max will be larger than other models. The width will be half the body but the camera may prove to be best in photography. Even better than iPhone 12 Pro Max. Past leaks suggest that Apple will introduce 48 megapixels better camera in future generations, it might be seen in iPhone 13 Pro Max.

There were rumors some time back that Apple would delay the release of the iPhone 13 but the current updates suggest that it might not be the case.

Apple is on track for iPhone 13 series to be released in September 2021. Will iPhone 13 would be able to beat Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra hands down. Let’s wait for the epic battle. And while waiting don’t forget that Google Pixel 6 would also be releasing at the same time. And it’s the best effort of Google so far.



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