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iPhone 13 Mini leaks – New dual camera placement is revealed

iPhone 13 Mini leaks and rumors about camera

There are only a few months left in the launching of the iPhone 13 series sometime in September. We have heard about the iPhone 13 mini coming along with other iPhone 13 variants. So there are some exciting leaks about the iPhone 13 mini’s design and camera system. Let’s have a look. CAD drawings leaked iPhone 13 mini on micro-blogging network Weibo. iPhone 13 Mini seems similar to the iPhone 12 Mini, apart from the camera house layout. So Apple might update the camera design in the iPhone 13 Mini.

Leaks and rumors about all iPhone 13 line-ups are pouring in at a very fast rate. You must see all the interesting build-ups of the iPhone 13 series on our website,

The illustration from the leak indicates that the camera house size is identical in both iPhone 13 Mini and 12 Mini. However, the arrangement of the dual camera is replaced from vertical to diagonal stacking. Whereas it shows that Apple has repositioned the microphone port on the Camera house to somewhere else.

More leaks about iPhone 13 Mini

Myfixguided has also given off some more leaks about iPhone 13 Mini specifications. According to this report, the display will be 5.4 inches wide. So get ready to see the similar display dimensions of the iPhone 12 Mini in the iPhone 13 Mini. We are not expecting too much modification in iPhone 13 Mini. So we need to wait for it.

Moreover, we are also expecting better battery timing. Because leaks have revealed news about Apple working on soft battery technology to enhance battery timing. We covered this technology in our iPhone 13 rumors article. It’s very good news because iPhone 12 Mini poorly failed our battery endurance test last year. We are also looking forward to a slight rise in price as compared to iPhone 12 Mini.

iPhone 13 Mini Camera Performance

That is a tough question. iPhone 13 is not famous for the best camera set-up as far as performance goes. Yes, the camera is always decent. It performs very well. But once we talk of Apple then we talk of the best products. We want iPhone cameras to be the best. iPhone 12 Camera did not perform at par with S21 Ultra camera.

The iPhone 13 camera rumors are not so hyped about. iPhone 12 Mini camera was not talked much since it was under par as compared to its competitors in same price bracket. Apple saves the camera performance by its bionic chips, which are tweaked to give you better imaging.

Earlier, the reports were that Apple might not release the Mini line-up basing on poor sales of iPhone 12 Mini. But latest rumors suggest otherwise.

Yes, iPhone 13 Mini is not going to discontinue and it will be the part of iPhone 13 series. We don’t know the actual release date yet. But stay connected because we will update you more soon. Don’t forget to check iPhone 12 mini-review on our site. Because it will give you a clear view of the upgrades planned for iPhone 13 Mini. Follow us on Facebook too.


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1 year ago

The illustration from the leak indicates that the camera house size is identical in both iPhone 13 Mini and 12 Mini.


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