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iPhone SE 3 Rumors, Release Date and Design- What we Know and What We Want

We are here to present to you what we perceive so far about the iPhone SE 3 rumors, release date, expected price in Pakistan, and specifications. Moreover, we have some news about the iPhone SE 3 camera too. Everybody wants to stay updated with the latest technology and with the latest gadgets. So this interesting iPhone SE3 rumors article is sure to incite Apple fans.

iPhone SE 2020 was one of the most thrilling smartphones of the last year with an excellent combination of Apple hardware and software. And that too in the affordable price segment, as per Apple’s standards.

iPhone SE 3 Release date

iPhone SE 3 is expected to be released in April 2022. Earlier speculations suggested that release be scheduled in Mar 2021 but we never agreed to that. Basing on the fact, that Apple will give complete time to iPhone 12 mini to capitalize on sales. However, we have already concluded that there are all the more chances that the iPhone mini might not see its rebirth in iPhone 13 line-up. And instead, iPhone SE 3 sees its birth in Apple’s fall event of April 2022. It might be on the chasis of iPhone X or XR.

Additionally, there’s probably going to be an Apple spring event, which will occur in April 2021, however, iPhone SE 3 release date is not confirmed yet.  So that is a potential setting for the dispatch.

What’s more, there’s likewise the iPhone SE Plus to consider. This was the Rumor to land at some point after the iPhone SE 2020 release and we haven’t heard much about it of late. So, Perhaps we might get an iPhone SE 3 and an iPhone SE 3 Plus. It’s difficult to say now.

Until now we haven’t heard much about the upcoming iPhone SE 3 but if we talk about the rumor then it ends up like, apparently, it will have a bigger screen than the 4.7-inch iPhone SE 2020. Bits of hearsay have put it at either 5.5 or 6.1 inches.

iPhone se 3 is shown in picture. The article is about iPhone SE 3 release date and price in Pakistan.

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iPhone SE 3 Rumors – Price in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India

In Pakistan Apple iPhone SE 3 price is expected to be PKR 118,999 for the base variant of storage. iPhone SE 3 will be available with 3GB / 64GB internal storage variants. The expected price of the iPhone SE 3 in Bangladesh is B.D.T 50,000. Apple iPhone SE 3 price in India is likely to be INR 45,990. How so ever price of the iPhone SE 3 in Pakistan is directly related to its release date and if any of the new taxes are imposed or gone away with.

iPhone SE 3 Rumors- iPhone SE 3 Design

After discussing iPhone SE 3 price and release dates in Pakistan and other countries, let’s dive into the design. The iPhone SE (2020) utilized a similar definite body as the iPhone 8. It was a compelling expense saving measure, even though the iPhone SE (2020) has a somewhat obsolete design and for sure a more antiquated design than the remaining ongoing iPhone’s range.

So we’d prefer to see things raised to date for the iPhone SE 3. We mean to dispose of the home button and the large bezels, above and underneath the screen for the more latest look. Doing this would likewise permit Apple to expand the screen size without expanding the general size of the handset. iPhone SE 3 will have a glass back and glass front with an aluminum frame design.

iPhone SE 3 rumors. Depicted picture shows its notchless design with a punch-hole camera. Its expected price could be 400USD or 118,000 in Pakistan
iPhone SE 3 rumored punch hole camera set-up

So talking of rumors now and the most exciting one. iPhone SE 3 will give away notch and would go for a punch-hole camera set-up. The hole might be towards the left of the screen or maybe in the center. This will be a showdown for iPhone 14 models as well. And it will have an in-screen fingerprint reader. Moreover, sides will be in Aluminium like in the 12 series. And who knows, Apple might use iPhone 12 mini chassis for this purpose. A cost-saving mechanism.

iPhone SE 3 Rumors- iPhone SE 3 Display

The iPhone SE (2020) has an IPS LCD screen and a 750 x 1334 resolution. Presently, there are cutoff points to what in particular should be possible with a mid-range cellphone, yet when you consider the smartphones with the same price, like OnePlus Nord and Google Pixel 4a, both deal with a higher resolution and OLED technology. it’s difficult to perceive how Apple could legitimize discarding these things from the next iPhone SE models.

The LCD on the iPhone SE (2020) is satisfactory, however, we’d prefer to see a better OLED display on the iPhone SE 3. iPhone SE (2020) has a 60Hz refresh rate, which until moderately was what all handsets other than gaming cellphones offered.

However, we are sure that iPhone SE 3 will have a 120Hz display. Provided that in 2022 even 120 Hz display will be an old technology and phones might be offering 240Hz in that time frame.

iPhone SE 3 Rumors – Camera

iPhone SE (2020) takes attractive photographs, because of Apple’s computational photography, yet it packs just a single lens. We’d prefer to see Apple add an ultrawide lens for the iPhone SE 3. Apple additionally needs to give the iPhone SE 3 a night mode to more readily contend with the Google Pixel 4a, since the iPhone SE (2020) lacks it.

The front camera could likewise utilize an overhaul on the iPhone SE 3 because the current selfie shooter is stuck at 7MP. The iPhone SE (2020) has only one camera on the back and one on the front and keeping in mind that they perform sensibly well, they don’t give you the flexibility that you can get with more lenses. The front camera could likewise utilize a redesign on the iPhone SE 3 because the current selfie camera is stuck at 7MP.

Even with the iPhone 11 having a dual-lens snapper we don’t expect a lot of additional from the iPhone SE 3, yet when you consider that adversaries like the OnePlus Nord and Moto G 5G Plus have four cameras on the back and two on the front, you’d figure an additional lens or two wouldn’t be a lot to request.

iPhone SE 3 Rumors – Battery Life and Charging

The important thing that has to be noticed for the iPhone SE (2020) weak point was the battery life. The iPhone SE (2020) has a small 1,821mAh battery, which may appear to be sensible given the smartphone’s minimized size. That is not awful, but rather it’s surely not noteworthy. So we’d like considerably more from the battery in the iPhone SE 3, regardless of whether that is accomplished through expanding the size or making things more proficient.

However, we discovered it didn’t go far, enduring around a day. It doesn’t even hit the ten-hour mark which normally we like to find in our battery tests. Yet it can traverse a day with light to medium use. Also, it couldn’t coordinate with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro which is on our best smartphone battery life list. In the guide battery life test, the iPhone SE (2020) oversaw 9 hours and 18 minutes. We expect that the iPhone SE 3 will wear a greater battery, however, nothing has been affirmed at this point.


There are a few rumors that iPhone SE 3 may add an on-screen fingerprint. Due to the current pandemic, the Face ID facial recognition experience is extremely awful for all of us. Users have to remove their face masks for the use of Face ID. Although the latest iOS update has somewhat solved the problem.

Water resistance has become a vital element for premium cell phones. And iPhone lovers will be glad to hear that iPhone SE 3 will have IP68 dust/water resistance. Additionally, it will contain a chipset of the Apple A15.

We already cracked the news that Apple will present the on-screen fingerprints for the iPhone 13 series. So the news is that iPhone SE 3 with an OLED display would have that luxury too.

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iPhone SE 3 Rumors – Software and Performance

iPhone SE 3 will have an iOS 15 operating system. The Performance of the iPhone SE 2 is a long way from amazing. Numerous clients didn’t like the screen and the performance of the smartphone. They were not even close to what a 2020 cell phone ought to have. According to rumors, iPhone SE 3 won’t follow a similar way and it will have a better performance score. Apple will definitely bring a new iPhone SE 3 model with better performance and improved version. However, its price in Pakistan is a big factor since it is overly priced. And due to this factor, iPhone SE 3 sales are expected to be low. Since users will have so many options in that price range.

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iPhone SE FAQs

Is it worth buying iPhone SE 2020 in 2021?

If you are short on money and you want an Apple brand name then yes. However, for a little more you can upgrade to iPhone 12 Mini. You will be trading the upgrade for a better A15 chip, more speed, and a better camera

Will there be an iPhone SE 3?

Yes. As per our sources, it will be there in the first quarter of 2022. At the moment Apple is focused on iPhone 13. However, after that iPhone SE 3 will come in 2 variants. A standard SE 3 and SE plus.

What is the release date of iPhone SE 3?

It will most likely be released in Apple Spring event of March 2022.

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3 years ago

iPhone SE 202 was one of the most thrilling smartphones of the last year.

3 years ago

iPhone SE 3 will have an iOS 15 operating system. The Performance of the iPhone SE 2 is a long way from amazing.

2 years ago

iPhone SE 3 Rumors, Release Date and Design- What we Know and What We Want. iPhone SE 3 is expected to be released in April 2022.


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[…] iPhone SE 3 Rumors, Release Date and Design- What we Know and What We Want […]

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