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Apple iPhone 13 Notchless Design with Wireless Charging

Apple iPhone 13 rumoured Notchless design
Apple iPhone 13 Notchless Mock-up

We are up again with another exciting leak of the Apple iPhone 13, rumored to be Notchless. Since the launch of the iPhone X in 2017, notch design has been the signature of Apple iPhones. It primarily is there for face recognition and other sensors that Apple loves. Other Mobile companies have since long manufactured mobiles with punch holes/ teardrops for front-facing cameras.

Apple traded the home button and fingerprint recognition for the sake of a big notch which in 2021 is considered old-school. However, we know that iPhone 13 is coming soon so the question is will it have a notch design as well?

 A lot of consumers didn’t like notch design. Apple is always late to enter any competition and trend, but once it does, it does it so well. Developers at Apple are all busy designing the future iPhone which might not be having a notch. So what will Apple do with a front-facing camera? Since a camera needs a punch hole. May it be a teardrop or a punch hole. Apple might venture with an in-screen camera. The only in-screen camera venture has been done by ZTE Axon 20 5G so far.

iPhone 13 Notchless and Wireless Charging

This time Apple has made a huge decision to drop the idea of the notch! Yes, you heard it right. The latest rumor by Ben Geskin in his official Twiter account said that Apple is testing the iPhone 13 prototype without a notch internally. Apple had to do major tweaks in existing IOS for face recognition with masks on. And now Apple might go away with more complications and straight away provide an on-screen fingerprint with an in-screen camera.

Moreover, Apple did not provide any chargers with iPhone 12 series. Yeah we feel the pain. But this time there wouldn’t be any wired chargers at all and iPhone 13 will only be having wireless charging function. Apple intends cashing on the magsafe technology and would utilize magnets to its full potential. We don’t know as of yet, whether the wireless chargers will be provided with phone or we will have to buy or separately, which will be a bummer.

What so ever we get to know that there will be no notch in iPhone 13 but we don’t know anything about an in-screen camera and apple has not yet revealed anything about that.

iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s

Westerners do not consider 13 as a good number. So Apple might not use the number 13 and instead launch its next iPhone as 12s. Whereas S represents modified flagship. Let’s see what Apple strategy Apple adopt with numbering.

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1 year ago

It seems very good. I hope and wish that Apple bring iPhone 13 as notchless