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iPhone 13 Fingerprint sensor – Is it Really Coming?

iPhone 13 rumoured in-screen fingerprint Touch ID showed

Finally, Apple iPhone 13 will be getting a touch ID fingerprint sensor. Apple is outsourcing screens to manufacturers in China for this purpose. So will it have any effect on Retina Display? We don’t know it yet but Apple always comes out of difficulties. Also, in-screen fingerprint technology will have its effects on Apple’s famous face-unlock. We already cracked the news of notch-less iPhone 13 (Read Here)

Vivo X20 Plus UD was the first phone which had an in-screen Touch ID. Many companies followed this through the availability of AMOLED screens. Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei are leading this one till now. Now, after four years of stretch, Apple has enough experience from others to finally make one for itself. And it will be the key feature of the iPhone 13.

Apple iPhone 13 Fingerprint sensor-whats happening with Home Button

So where would be a Home button navigation thing in iPhone 13. Will it have a dedicated button in hardware. As per our guess, once the phone is unlocked then the same area might be used for the home button, or the same old right swipe and left swipe will be used. The swiping left/ right technology is becoming monotonous in so many companies User Interfaces. So Apple might come up with a dedicated hardware button on iPhone 13. What so ever the case might be – we are sure that iPhone 13 is getting a fingerprint sensor.

We have seen capacitive sensors on the bottom of half of our smartphones over the past 10 years, and switching to in-touch screen technology hasn’t been without bumps in the road.
So is it the right time for Apple to come and include the first Touch ID fingerprint sensor that you’ll see under the display?
The latest Samsung 21 series has a 70% larger sensor than the one found in Galaxy S20 last year. The new sensor is easier to use because you will not be specific with your finger. The phone has a scanner underneath its display.
It’s just a minor adjustment, but it makes a big difference if we compare it with the year 2020.

Apple Updated IOS for Face-ID

Apple phones Face ID option’s news spread but due to pandemic, the face recognition feature did not come in use as we wore masks most of the time. Apple had to give a major tweak to its IOS to crack the code of face recognition with a mask.  Apple should have included this technology in 2020 in iphone12. The new fingerprint scanner will allow us to use a fingerprint to unlock our phone; hopefully, it will come in September 2021. Moreover, it will give us another option to quickly authenticate identity alongside the Face ID option.

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