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iPhone 13 Pro Max mock-set, amazing design, shrunk notch, and triple camera

iPhone 13 Pro mock-set compared to iPhone 12 Pro

Apple products are always the hottest topic of the year. Similarly, iPhone 13 is also hyped. We have already published multiple leaks and rumors about the upcoming Apple iPhone. This time we are glad to share how the iPhone 13 Pro Max will look in real. A recent video surfaced on Youtube by Unbox Therapy channel, which showed the mock-set of the iPhone 13 Pro Max comparing it with the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

According to his analysis from the dummy, the iPhone 13 Pro Max will have the same weight as iPhone 12 Pro Max. Although the height and width could exceed a little. His mock-set Of iPhone 13 Pro revealed a shrunken notch, as we already covered in our article iPhone 13 rumors article.

iPhone 13 Pro Max mock-set on left vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

Whereas, the earpiece was lined upward with the upper margin. If we recall the design of the iPhone 12 Pro Max the earpiece was present in the center of the notch. This presentation model of the iPhone 13 Pro Max denied the idea of a notch-less Apple handset.

unboxing therapy showing mock-set of iPhone 13 pro

We have shared all the leaks and rumors of iPhone 13 including the leaks about the charging port. According to the rumors we were expecting a model with wireless charging support without a charging port. However, the mock set represents a charging port which is not a C cable port for sure.

iPhone 12 Pro Max on left vs iPhone 13 Pro Max mock-set on right

iPhone 13 Pro Max Rumored Camera- Bigger lenses

If we see the mock-set of the iPhone 13 Pro Max the camera bump looks slightly thicker. Whereas it has the same triple camera setup as iPhone 12 Pro Max. We can presume that iPhone 13 Pro will be quite similar to iPhone 12 Pro in the look. But this model is not the official indication of the Apple handset 2021. And even if the look remains the same we are sure that Apple will upgrade the specs.

Moreover, evident from the mock-set and leaks, are the bigger camera lenses. We forecasted that major camera improvements would be there in iPhone 13. Last year iPhone 12 Pro Max lost the camera battle to Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. So Apple really is up to some major tweaks in iPhone 13 line-up camera lenses. Although iPhone 12 Pro Max camera manages to be amongst the best camera smartphones of 2021, but still not on the top.

Moreover, until the official handset launch we can only wait to know which leak will come true.


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