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Best Camera Smartphones in 2021-Which Smartphone will top the chart?

Best Camera Smartphones in 2021

Smartphones have effectively replaced point-and-shoot cameras and many out-perform them. These portable computers have become our main cameras making photo quality a priority when picking a new smartphone. In 2021 people’s preferences of using smartphones primarily for cameras have started seen an exponential rise in Pakistan. Although there are huge choices available from lower to high-end market of smartphones. Yes the debate of iPhone vs Android Phones does come into play here as well.

Today, in this article, without considering price as a factor, we will review the smartphones based on their quality of cameras only. 

These smartphones are capable of delivering better results than most entry level professional cameras. They capture photos and videos that can rival traditional cameras. A good camera is the most important factor when buying a new smartphone in 2021 because this is how you are capturing your precious moments and every one of us wants to make them more awesome.

Best Camera Smartphones in 2021 – How we tested them

We have tested all the best camera phones, these are the ones that rise to the top. We test each camera in several real-world scenarios like landscape, portrait, low light, light, and dark conditions and then compared these all. The best camera smartphones are all stunners, but many different factors put them on this list. Smartphones having amazing cameras with different price packages. Tried and tested all the best camera phones how to help you to choose a handset that’s right for you. Some are better in some ways but fall flat in others. Following are the top five mobile phones in this regard.

5) Huawei P40 Pro with Astounding Results – At no 5 in Best Smartphone Camera in Pakistan 2021:

The Huawei P40 Pro has an extraordinary camera but it is not the best mobile phone in other features.

Quick glance at Specs

It was released in April 2020.

Price in Pakistan: Rs. 179,999

Main camera: 50MP (f/1.9)

Telephoto: 12MP (f/3.4)

Ultrawide: 40MP (f/1.8)

Front camera: 32MP

Video quality: 4000 60fps

Storage: 128GB / 256GB / 512GB

Weight: 209 grams

Dimensions: 158.2 × 72.6 × 9 mm

Baterry size: 4200 mAh

Huawei P40 Pro is shown in the picture. Its on number 5 on our count down of best camera smartphone of 2021 in Pakistan


Huawei P40 Pro

The Huawei P40 Pro is one of the best camera smartphones in Pakistanis in 2021. Particularly if you are fond of photography, and you value telephoto cameras, it’s just the best.

Huawei P40 Pro – Cameras Explained

It has an extraordinary 50MP sensor that uses red yellow blue (RYYB) sub-pixel formation. There is also a 40MP f/1.8 ultra-wide camera which focuses the points more clear in a wider range. And another 12MP telephoto that is capable of 5x optical zoom or 50x digital zoom containing a time of flight (ToF) sensor for creating bokeh effects thus making it one of the best camera smartphones in Pakistan 2021.

The main camera lens is a pretty standard f/1.9 aperture on paper and can capture very clear images even in dark. Huawei has improved its cameras by introducing many new features, there is a new feature called Golden snap. It works when we enable live photo shooting. And it is an AI suggestion in the gallery for when our main image is not perfect like blurriness and any other reflection but the live photo did manage to capture info that will help to improve it.

Not only this the so-called hybrid zoom is also available. The quality of the selfie is more than expected even if the resolution is high. The main camera captures very good video The excellent contrast and sharpness at its peak level. The dynamic range is also very nice and wide.

Its colors are mostly accurate, save for a slight reddish tint visible when comparing side by side with other Ultra wide cameras. The device has phenomenal battery life with brilliant cameras. But it has frustratingly limited software with a big camera bump.

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4) Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with an amazing zoom lens in Pakistan 2021: Is it really the best smartphone camera

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has one of the best cameras. Although released in 2020, it still climbed into our listings of best camera smartphones of 2021.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Specs

It was released in August 2020.

Price in Pakistan: Rs. 219,999


Internal storage: 128GB/256GB/512GB

Camera: 108MP, 12MP, 12MP

Front camera: 10MP

Weight: 208 gram

Dimensions: 164.8 × 77.2 × 8.1 mm

OS: Android 10

Screen size: 6.9 inch

Resolution: 1440 × 3088

CPU: Snapdragon 865 Plus/ Exynos 990

Battery: 4500 mAh

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is shown in the picture

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – Cameras Explained

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has an outstanding telephoto camera of 12MP f/3.0 snapper having 5x optical zoom and 50x digital zoom. Not only this, it has a 108MP f/1.8 main camera and 12MP f/2.2 ultra-wide.

Its other superb specifications include 8K video and single-take mode which captures a bunch of photos and videos at the same time using various modes and lenses to make our memories more beautiful.

Video quality is the biggest deal in Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

We can switch into pro video mode that will add 24 fps modes for both resolution and cinematic look. While we observe the cinematic theme, the 21:9 aspect ratio for 8K, 4K, and 1080p joins the list of options.

We can also get 1080p at 120fps which is the non-slow-mo and real-life speed for dizzying action videos to enjoy on a 120Hz screen. Besides this, the device has an awesome screen with useful S pen features. But when comes to budget, it is ultra-expensive and slow charging and definitely not an option for me but one of the best camera smartphones in Pakistan 2021.

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3) iPhone 12 Pro Max with 2.5x Optical Zoom in Pakistan 2021:

It would be very surprising if iPhone 12 Pro Max couldn’t make it into the top 5 in our countdown of Best Camera Smartphones in 2021 in Pakistan.

Quick Specs

It was released on 13 November 2020.

Price in Pakistan: Rs. 248,000


Internal storage: 128GB / 256GB / 512GB

Camera: 12MP + 12MP +  12MP

Front camera: 12MP

Weight: 228 grams

Dimensions: 160.8mm × 78.1mm × 7.4mm

OS: iOS 14

Screen size: 6.7 inch

Resolution: 1284 × 2778

CPU: A14 Bionic

iPhone 12 Pro Max is shown in the picture. It came at number 3 in our countdown of best smartphone camera in 2021 in Pakistan


iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera and Imaging Sensors

In this era of technology and perfection, everyone wants the best devices, iPhone 12 Pro Max is very close to being the best camera Smartphone. It has a 12MP f/2.2 telephoto camera having 2.5x optical zoom. Not only this, another 12MP f/2.4 ultra-wide one and a LiDAR scanner enable night mode portraits.

There is a large sensor that can take in a lot of light and take photos and videos even at night and in darkness. This night mode is useable with both main and ultra-wide sensors, so we are not limited in the types of photos we can take at night.

Besides this, there is a new feature of smart HDR 3 for the range which is capable of combining multiple exposures to create the best picture possible. Not only the camera there are amazing features of onboard editing with Dolby vision supported for videos.

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All around, this is an excellent setup with every lens performing extraordinarily. The device is only slightly better than iPhone 12 Pro but still, it has the edge of making it the best device for photography and the best camera smartphones in Pakistan 2021 if you are an Apple fan. Besides this extraordinary rear camera and probably the best camera smartphones in Pakistan 2021, the smartphone has long battery life but it feels too large. And when it comes to budget, it is very, very expensive, only affordable for the elite class.

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2) Huawei Mate 40 Pro (Sensational Cameras) in Pakistan 2021:

Huawei mate 40 pro is the best option in this regard at an affordable price.

Quick Specs

It was released in November 2020.

Price in Pakistan: Rs. 228,999

Rear camera: 50MP + 12MP + 20MP

Front camera: 13MP


Internal storage: 256GB /512GB

Weight : 212 gram

Dimensions : 162.9 × 75.5 × 9.1 mm

OS: Android 10

Screen size: 6.76 inch

CPU: Kirin 9000 5G

Baterry: 4400 mAh

Huawei Mate 40 Pro is shown in the picture


Huawei Mate 40 Pro

Huawei Mate 40 Pro Camera and imaging sensors

The device has exceptional cameras. It has a 50MP f/1.9 main camera and another 12MP f/3.4 periscope having 5x optical zoom and the third one 20MP f/1.8 ultra-wide.

Huawei made sure to outplay its competitors in high end imaging sensors. Huawei Mate 40 Pro could cope brilliantly with every kind of photography scenario from photo-like portrait shots to wide landscapes, close-up subjects, and zoomed photos.

In portrait mode, we can enable and disable the background blur. Besides this, we can also choose bokeh shapes like circles hearts, swirls, or discs. We can also opt for simulated lighting and can add some beautification on a scale from 0 to 10.

Besides this, it captures our loveable moments even in darkness or low light conditions. There are loads of photography tools and modes available on the device from a light painting feature to a dedicated moon photography mode.

While focusing out of the rear snappers, Huawei mate 40 pro has a superb set up on the front having a 13MP f/2.4 camera which is joined by a time of flight (ToF) sensor for sensing depth. Besides this extraordinary camera, the device has an excellent design but it has limited apps and is very expensive.

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1) Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with unbelievably astonishing cameras in Pakistan 2021:

This is the top-tier smartphone of 2021 with the best camera. It was released in January 2021.

Quick Specs

Price in Pakistan: Rs. 229,999

Rear camera: 108MP + 10MP + 10MP + 12MP

Front camera: 40MP

RAM: 12GB/16GB

Internal storage: 128GB / 256GB / 512GB

Weight: 227 gram

Dimensions: 165.1 × 75.6 × 8.9 mm

OS: Android 11

Screen size: 6.8 inch

Resolution: 1440 × 3200

CPU: Snapdragon 888 / Exynos 2100

Baterry: 5000 mAh

Huawei Mate 40 Pro


S21 Ultra

Samsung S21 Ultra Camera and Imaging Sensors

Samsung S21 Ultra has everything which a smartphone should have and at present, it is the best camera smartphone in Pakistan 2021, the camera is the top end with its 108MP f/1.8 main snapper, another 12MP f/2.2 ultra-wide one. The most amazing feature is its two telephoto cameras, and both are 10MP.

One has an aperture of f/2.4 and it allows for only 3x optical zoom while the second one has an aperture of f/4.9 and this allows for a massive 10x optical zoom. The result of both photos and cameras is extraordinary with each point looking more clear than real.

Its non-zoomed shoots are also the best ones. The device is coupled with a wealth of camera modes including all the new additions like Director’s view which allows us to shoot video with both rear and front camera at the same time with a highly capacitive 40MP front-facing camera which is an amazing one.

Some In-app Features

The Samsung camera app has some new tweaks. A Cosmetic change is the renaming of LIVE focus mode to portrait mode- a long-overdue name change. And another single take mode allows us to select the duration of capture and it also picks the types of shots we want to take. It looks like a dream smartphone. Not only best zoom, but the device also has a mesmerizing design. But the bad thing is that it has no micro SD card slot and it is expensive at any level.

After observing thoroughly, these are the ones that we listed as the best camera smartphones of 2021. Although these are quite expensive but add worth to the money invested by providing surety of good photography experience. If I talk about my likeness out of these then I will go for Huawei Mate 40 pro. Because of its foremost camera and power-packed hardware as well. You can choose your favorite and the one which suits your needs.

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