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Samsung Adding Optical Image Stabilization Camera In All New Phones

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Galaxy Note 20 Ultra camera OIS

The camera has become the most essential feature of the smartphone these days. Most people would rate a smartphone zero if it doesn’t have an amazing camera system. Similarly, smartphone companies have a great focus on making modified camera systems to keep their handset on top. This year we have some of the best smartphone camera smartphones on the list. So, for next year Samsung is taking a big step towards a good camera system. They are planning to bring Optical image stabilization (OIS) in their Galaxy A series Camera and all other Samsung mid-range handsets coming next year. So, this means from next year every Samsung’s handset will have amazing OIS features.

And in case you are wondering. The amazing Samsung S22 Ultra will also debut next month with a focus on next-gen photography.

Optical image stabilization for unblurred photography

Optical image stabilization is something that flagship camera phones have for unblurred photography. This actually removes the screen blurring while capturing an image. However, Gyro sensors auto-set the direction of the lens. Which is according to the smartphone movement while eliminating shaking.

We have compared Optical image stabilization containing Galaxy S21 camera with the iPhone 12 pro Camera and you know who won. Moreover, Galaxy S21 camera was also the winner over One plus 9 Pro. So, we know OIS plays a great role in making a camera system compatible for the best photography experience.

Furthermore, we have seen Samsung has given optical image stabilization on 64 Mp A72, A52, and 48 Mp A22 camera systems. And we know that all these models sold up their best. Additionally, we know that many Samsung mid-range handsets came with cameras having the only autofocus feature.

And the camera systems were not as impressive as they should be. So, if Samsung is planning to add an optical image stabilization camera to the successor of all these phone series. This will be a very great move. However, this will also make their camera system seamlessly amazing.

Apple has also added OIS to make its camera system blur-free. We have seen that Apple lab has added OIS to their SE model of the year with wireless charging. Moreover, there is news of more advanced OIS being added to iPhone 14 for next year.

So, we are also expecting that the next Year’s Apple iPhone SE 3 model will also have Optical image stabilization. As we know that Apple is the brand that made one of the best camera systems. However, we are sure that iPhone 13 camera will also rock the market to the fullest in few days.

Samsung Camera module Cost.

As Samsung is planning to modify the camera system. This will surely benefit the Parton, Mcnex, and power logic camera module suppliers.

We know that autofocus costs 15% less than Optical image stabilization. So, for the best optical image stabilized camera Samsung will have to bear 3% more cost than earlier. A single-camera module costs around US$10 in which sensor costs 70% of the price. Moreover, 20 % is charged for the lens.

This move of Samsung will intensify the competition between module suppliers too. According to the source, Jaeyoung Solutec is going to supply camera modules to Samsung. We know that they enter the market with a prize of 15 billion.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics will also expand its supply of camera modules to low and mid-range smartphone models. This firm had also provided for Samsung’s flagship phones till last year. Moreover, they also supplied modules for Galaxy A22 this year too. So, we assume they will keep on doing that.

As far as the camera system is concerned, this news has increased the expectations for the Samsung cameras so much. We are hoping that the hands-on experience will prove the results.

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