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iPhone 14 camera to have OIS and Samsung’s folded Zoom technology combined

iPhone 14 camera to have OIS made by jahwa electronics

Apple is on a shopping spree at Jahwa Electronics in South Korea. Jahwa Electronics is famous for providing OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) solutions to Samsung in the past. Reportedly, Apple is currently reviewing the supply chain and facilities at the said firm and a deal for iPhone 14 OIS camera might be near, Techarea 24 has learned.

Reportedly, Apple is reviewing an integrated actuator that can integrate OIS with the auto-focus. The aim is to present a complete camera module for iPhone 14. Apple intends to integrate the OIS with the Telephoto lens of the iPhone 14 camera.

Apple iPhone 13 will be launched in fall 2021 and we have already given you the camera innovations that are planned. However iPhone 14 camera to have major up-gradations if Apple overcome the hurdles within stipulated time-frame. Lets dive into details.

iPhone 14 Camera might have Samsung’s folded lens Technology too

Jahwa Electronics was a partner of Samsung from 2019 to 2020 and later left the business due to profit issues. It collaborated with Samsung Electronics to make OIS technology. So there is a know-how of Samsung Folded Zoom technology as well.

Corephotonics hold bulk of folded zoom patents. Which is a sub-company of Samsung after it acquired it in 2019.

Although, Apple wants to acquire the folded zoom alongside OIS for iPhone 14 camera. However, it will have to overcome the patent issues with Corephotonics.

Apple might be in a tough position. Since Corephotonics filed lawsuits against Apple in the US and LG Innotek in South Korea for using its patents in the past.

Apple might add LG Innotek (Apple’s camera module supplier) to acquire related components from Samsung Electro-Mechanics. The move is aimed to bypass patent-related risks with Corephotonics.

The optical image system is gaining a lot of popularity these days. We already saw VIVO X60 Pro Plus using a gimbal to stabilize the camera. All high-end mobiles are focusing on image stabilization and Apple is lacking in camera technology. Earlier we wrote in detail in our iPhone vs Android article as to how Apple was beaten hands down by Android phones in the camera department.

So Apple has a lot to catch up. Lets see how Apple innovate the camera solutions for iPhone 14 OIS and folded lens technology.

Stay tuned. We will update as and when we get more news on the subject.


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