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Samsung to reveal new ISOCELL Sensor on June 10, can be <0.7μm 50MP

Samsung to unveil new 50MP ISOCELL image sensor on June 10,2021

Samsung ISOCELL took Twitter to announce the upcoming new ISOCELL image sensor on June 10, 2021. Further specs are a mystery. However, the renowned tipster ice universe is sure that it would be <0.7μm 50MP ISOCELL sensor.

ISOCELL is a powerful image sensor utilized by major brands for camera solutions. The top-notch ISOCELL HM3 is a 1/1.33” sensor with 108MP resolution which we saw in action on Galaxy S21 Ultra. Although introduced in January, no other major mobile brand used that. After a lapse of 4 months, Samsung ISOCELL launched an official introduction video to explain the power of its sensor and that was done on May 24, 2021. It was being felt that HM3 would be used by other mobile brands, and we were waiting for the news. However, in a surprise move, Samsung has announced the unveiling of a new sensor on June 10th, 2021.

Samsung New 50 MP ISOCELL <0.7μm Sensor- What does that means

Presently in the 50 MP category, ISOCELL is manufacturing two sensors. The ISOCELL GN1 and GN2. The noticeable difference is the pixel size and optical format of both. GN1 pixel is 1.2 μm with the optical format of 1/1.31″ vs 1.4 μm and 1/1.12″ of GN2.

So adding a new 50MP sensor with 0.7 μm pixel size, opens up opportunities for mobile companies which are not pursuing the high-end MP cameras at or beyond 108 MP cameras.

We can expect the new sensor to take up to 100MP images as its predecessor GN2. It will have a Dual Pixel Pro offering for ultra-fast autofocus. It would be capable of auto-tracking mode as well.

The expected low light performance of new 50MP <0.7μm Sensor

The new sensor could beat GN2 ISOCELL sensor by enhanced HDR range coupled with time-multiplexed technology for better low light imaging solutions. Moreover shutter timings for low light would also be decreased, as a result a more stable picture is guaranteed, alongside high-contrast.

Aiding to low light photography, an enhanced digital gain Pro ISO intelligent feature can be there to take it apart from GN2.

So all that opens plethora of options for mobile companies to enhance the camera imaging solutions to mid-range phones and target the camera enthusiasts out there who are not ready to spend big bucks for high-end phones.


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