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Apple M2 chip coming soon – Everything We Love About It

Apple M2 chip

Apple’s M1 silicon chip held the crown of success because of its outstanding performance quality. Now Apple is working on the sequel of the M1 chip and named it M2. Moreover, we have also heard that the Apple M2 chip will be launched in the second half of 2021. However, it is likely to be debuting in Macbook Pro models. Though the launch is not confirmed, yet there are multiple rumors already circulating in the technology World.

We knew that Apple is working on the next generation of M1 chips in its Cupertino tech lab. However, there was no concrete information about what will be the title of the new chip. Most probably we will be calling it M2. The predecessor of M2 was a silicon chip with the fastest GPU and CPU performance to date. However, if M2 is the sequel of M1 then we can’t limit the expectations.

CPU and GPU performance expectations of Apple M2 chip

As per Leaks sirrounding Apple M2 Chip, there will be 16 power cores and 4 efficiency cores for new generation desktops on the chip. Moreover, as per rumors, Apple is believed to be testing variants with as many as 32 chips for even better performance.

Apple is also upgrading its GPU up to 16 and 32 core for the M2 silicon chip. Furthermore, it is hinted, that the tech giant is testing this upgraded GPU with costlier devices containing 64 and 128 cores. So we can surely expect a several-fold faster performance of the upcoming GPU.

Though these chip designs are in the process and specifications rumors are still not concrete. There is a possibility that Apple downgrades these cores to some levels. Whereas the performance of 8 core M1 chip compels us to expect more.

Product Possibilities

There are rumors that Apple 14 and 16-inch Macbook pro models are in production mode. So we can expect that Apple might launch the M2 chip in these upcoming Macbook pro series. We are also expecting these Macbook pro lineups without a Touch Bar with an innovative design and better performance. Leaks also suggest that Apple might debut the M2 chip in a larger iMac. As we know that Apple is going to unveil the successor of 24 inch iMac sooner or later, and that might be – Apple iMac pro. However, it’s not going to be unveiled before 2022.

Expected Launch date of Apple M2 Chip

As we know that Taiwan Semi conductor Manufacturing company has joined hands with Apple in April 2021. Whereas we also knew that the processor took 3 months to innovate. So, we can predict that Apple might unveil its new M2 chip after July 2021.

As Apple is converting all the Mac products to silicon M chip series. So we are sure that the M series chips will keep on improving as time pass. As we have seen that Apple upgrades its A-series chip every year for its iPhone. So we can also predict the same upgrade sequence for the M series too.


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