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New iPhone 13 Leaks – 1 TB Storage and LIDAR feature

iPhone 13 with 1 TB storage

iPhone 13 new leaks suggest that some models might have 1 TB storage alongside LIDAR feature for all models. As per our analysis, that model could be iPhone 13 Pro max. Yesterday at Wedbush, analysts said that supply chain checks suggest that the next-generation iPhone lineup is coming soon.

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Apple is going to feature huge capacity for its next smartphone, i.e. iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1 TB storage. Last year’s iPhone 12 max storage option was 512 GB.

Well, the Covid pandemic has affected every domain in the world equally. As the Covid vaccine is now taking over the pandemic. So the financial analysts are optimistic that the Apple iPhone sale will keep progressing even in the post-pandemic environment, as things are going digital now and iPhone 13 with 1 TB storage will be the perfect choice for everyone.

Meanwhile, rumors were already spread in the market earlier before this. Frontpage tech also guessed iOS 13 external storage will be 1 TB capacity at least. Well, iPhone is quite late in launching 1TB. For instance, its competitor Samsung has already featured their Galaxy S10 series with 1 TB storage 2 years back. As far as iPhone devices are concerned, Apple has also offered 1 TB storage on their high-end iPad pro tablet.

IOS 13 Face id or Touch id?

Well, sources have also leaked that Apple is going to ditch the face recognition feature in iOS 13. As everyone is expecting Apple to launch their iPhone 13 with the Touch ID feature. Furthermore 120HZ high refresh rate screen might also specify the iPhone 13.

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Moreover, we are expecting the iPhone 13 with 1 TB external storage to launch this fall, but there has not been any official announcement yet. We are also waiting for the sources to leak concrete information to inform you all.

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There is still the question that, is 13 a lucky number? Well, iPhone 13 with 1 TB storage is blowing out specification so let’s wait for it.

Till the liftoff of the Apple iPhone 13 series, Wedbush analysts remain bullish on the iPhone 12 sales performance. We all know that apple blew out $110 billion in the holiday quarter. The firm also estimated around 62 million iPhone units for the matching quarter and 40 million for the June quarter. And this is no way less than huge. The analyst also compares the sale with the iPhone 6 in 2014.

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Apple always works secretly.


[…] is reportedly working on it. Whereas it is a concrete leak, that the iPhone 13 line-up will have a LIDAR sensor and 1TB Storage option with amazing camera lenses. This will automatically provide a cleaner distinction between the […]