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OnePlus 9 is expected to be released in 4 amazing colors!

OnePlus 9 amazing colors

So we have come up with the news of the OnePlus 9 series colors. Soon after OnePlus 8T release in October 2020. We started hearing multiple rumors about a new flagship device production.

Sources already have confirmed that this device will be Oneplus 9 and there will be 3 new variants of Oneplus 9. Those will be a regular OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9 pro, and a lite version.

OnePlus has not officially confirmed any release date. Moreover, multiple sources have leaked the month of March as an expected month for the release.

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We are also expecting a fourth new product release alongside one plus 9 series. As we got to know that OnePlus is planning to launch a smartwatch which is actually the fourth development.

As far as the launch of the smartwatch is concerned, we know that Oneplus was working on a smartwatch for the past year. So we will finally see the smartwatch with the OnePlus 9. Moreover, Evan Blass recently revealed the OnePlus 9R moniker. This revelation put an end to the debate about the names like 9E or 9 Lite. But the users are quite excited to know about the colors of the OnePlus 9.

The oxygen update has revealed the possible colors of the OnePlus 9. They said the regular model will come in 3 different colors whereas T mobile variant will be available in 2 colors. The OnePlus 9 pro will be available in 3 colors while T mobile variant will come out in single color only. Well, we are updating you with all color and code names keep reading!

One plus 9 series color!

Here are all the possible colors of the OnePlus 9 and codenames Oxygenupdater found in the Engineering Mode APK:

DeviceCodenameColors of OnePlus 9
OnePlus 9 (Verizon)lemonadevGloss black, Gloss gradient purple
OnePlus 9lemonadeAstral Black, Arctic Sky, Winter Mist
OnePlus 9 (T-Mobile)lemonadetAstral Black, Winter Mist
OnePlus 9 ProlemonadepStellar Black, Forest Green, Morning Mist
OnePlus 9 Pro (T-Mobile)lemonadeptMorning Mist

We still have to wait for the company to provide a clearer picture, it does look like they plan to reveal it soon. however, we are pretty sure that the users are going to be enchanted by the different colors of the OnePlus 9.

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One plus 9 colours and specs look amazing


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