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OnePlus 9T is coming in Q3 2021-Will Hasselblad Camera save OnePlus 9T this time?

OnePlus 9T will be released in Q3 2021 and will feature a 108MP camera

OnePlus 9T runmors suggest that it will feature a 108MP Camers. OnePlus 9Pro camera was good but not that good. So what Hasselblad is thinking now?

We remeber the hype behinnd OnePlus 9 series. We were hoping for miracles from OnePlus and Hasselblad partnership behind the camera system. And we were thinking that S21 Ultra will be given a tough fight for the camera system.

None of that really happened. The OnePlus 9 Pro camera system was good but not good enough to beat the best camera smartphones of 2021. It offered decent results but nothing close to the expectations attached with Hasselblad.

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So the rumors suggest that OnePlus is again joining hands with Hasselblad for the successor OnePlus 9T. According to a tipster, the OnePlus 9T will feature a 108MP camera, in collaboration with Hasselblad. Furthermore, it will have ColorOS 11 global and Android 12.

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There will no Pro this time with the release of OnePlus 9T

So the bad news is that there will be only one successor to the OnePlus 9 series. Last time OnePLus released three models of the OnePlus 9 series to aim for different market segments. This time there will be only the OnePlus 9T. We remember the success of the OnePlus 8T cyberpunk 2077 limited edition smartphone. Will OnePlus 9T live up to expectations?

This suggests few things. The OnePlus sales of three different phones did not come as planned. We, as a fact, know that people preferred OnePlus 9Pro over other models of the 9 Series. Moreover, this time OnePlus 9T is pushing boundaries to compete for the 108Mp camera market. Presently Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra and S21 Ultra are leading the high-end camera system of smartphones. OnePlus intends to target photography enthusiasts with a focused approach of releasing only one model.

But, will Hasselblad’s partnership with OnePlus does any wonders this time. We are skeptical as OnePLus 9 Pro lost hands down, once we pitched it against the S21 Ultra camera comparison review.

So let us wait for other leaks to build upon this story.


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