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Android 12 First look – Android vs IOS

Google is all set to release its next amazing version of Android. Following a series of Developer Previews and Betas that will be rolling out this month. Google shares documentation and source code with its major partners to give preparation release time. Today, an alleged early draft of a document in which summarized the changes in Android 12 leaked online. The screenshots show the new UI and functional changes that we took from the document.
The Android 12 screenshots depict a new notifications panel called UI. The transparency is replaced with an opaque light beige background. The color likely depends on the current theme or Dark Mode has been enabled.

Android 12 beta screen shot shown

The separation between the “conversations” section with the rest of the notifications is available so far, and the rounded corners of each notification are now better and pronounced. The number of Quick Settings tiles appears when the notification panel is partially expanded. Also, it has been reduced from 6 to 4, causing each icon to appear bigger. The positions of the date and clock have been swapped, whereas many indicators are present in the top right hand.

It seems like a clean and better interface with an enhanced user experience. As to when it would be available for all devices is unknown and speculated. We will bring you the authenticated news as and when available.

Bonus : Android 12 beta is available on Google Devices

Android 12 Added Security

Additionally, Google may add new privacy features in Android 12. There is a warming alert in the new android version. It comes in the form of status bar indicators whenever an app is using the camera or microphone. Tapping on these status bar icons can lead to the appearance of the pop-up. This pop-up tells that which app is using a microphone or the camera. Furthermore, it’s been two years since Google tested these chips. Finally, it would be great to see them in the new Android version this year.

Privacy Features

As far as privacy is concerned, the new privacy settings may contain toggles to disable the camera. Besides this, it may mute the microphone entirely, in addition to toggling location access. All the sensors can be disabled if you use “sensors off” a quick setting tile. However, this tile appears when you enable Developer Options. Android 12 may make this sensor toggles more user-accessible by placing them in the new Privacy settings.

Google is focusing on the necessity of camera and microphone indicators in Android 12. We observed it from the screenshot of the document we saw. These indicators must appear at the top of the screen. Moreover, it must be visible whenever the camera or microphone comes to use. It must have the same color across the ecosystem. We don’t know what other changes will be made until we get our hands on the full Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) for Android 12.

We can’t surely verify the authenticity of these images as we haven’t got the full documents in question. However, the screenshot we got comes from a trusted source who has, in recent times, shared other confidential documents with us. If we receive more evidence corroborating these alleged screenshots of Android 12, we’ll come up with new posts.

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