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Apple Granted Patent For Apple Watch With Face ID and Sports Sensors

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Patent shows Face ID recognition, Sports strap Sensors, EMG Sensors, and hydration Detection

Apple has been granted a patent for Apple watch with Face ID recognition and sports sensors. This watch will perform amazingly with its sensors embedded in its band that will detect your performance during physical sports. You will be able to monitor the hydration levels of your body during play.

We cannot clearly mention whether it could be used for extreme sports as was rumored before, but it will assist you in gripping sports equipment such as baseball, football, golf, weights, and more. It is mainly for assisting sports lovers.

Lets immediately get into the details of this new invention.

Apple Watch Band With Multiple Sensors

The figure below relates to the granted patent for the Apple watch. It shows that the watch is made with various essential features, device sensors, and strap sensors. It provides you with a user interface and processing systems.

Further, this covers methods of analysis, noise reduction, feature, and User identification such as Face ID recognition for privacy and security purposes. No doubt, it’s a clear representation of the new technology coming our way.

Apple Watch FIG3
Apple Watch FIG 3

While wearing this watch, the multiple sensors inside and outside of the watch will detect axial orientation and the location of your wrist. There are various elastic as well as rigid sensors. The elastic one includes flex sensors that indicate flexion and extension of your arm. Alongside its Electromyography (EMG) and Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor detects muscle activity and blood flow. In short, it cares for your body’s health.

To illustrate, you can follow figure 4A (above slide show) which shows the band of the watch. See the electrodes embedded in the elastic sections of the band. Figure 4C (above slide show) further represents strain gauge sensors within the band. Both of these motion sensors will measure your grip and performance. You will get details of the analysis as seen in fig 5 (above slide show).

Further, in Figure 7 (below) you can clearly see the capacitive and EMG sensors included in the band.

Apple Watch FIG 7
Apple Watch FIG 7

Hydration Detection

You don’t have to worry once you are involved in sports and sweating a lot. The capacitance sensors in the band will detect the water and sweat. This sensor will immediately deactivate the EMG sensor on hydration detection.

This is done to prolong the life of EMG, thus enhancing the life of your watch. After a certain amount of water detection, it warns users to dry the EMG sensors. It automatically saves your watch from corrosion.

As a final thought, we must say that it would be an amazing watch, if you regularly perform sports. Its hydration detection feature, EMG sensor, face Id recognition for security, camera, speakers, microphones, and capacitance sensors are uniqueand beneficial specs for users.



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