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Samsung Foldable May Have 180° Unique Rotating Camera Module-Patent surfaced on WIPO

Samsung filed patent for foldable phone with rotating camera

You must have seen the latest pop-up shooters and rotating camera modules on some of the phones launched before. But have you imagined a foldable phone with a rotating camera? Well, Samsung is going to incorporate a rotating camera module on its foldable phone. This module may be on the right side of the top edge or the mid of the right edge.

In 2019, we viewed a rotating camera on Galaxy A80. But after that Samsung always retained its standard punch-hole cameras for its flagships. Other companies like Xiaomi also have patents for rotating design although not foldable. Now Samsung has filed a patent to incorporate a 180° rotating camera on a foldable phone. This means that there would be a single camera for the front and rear sides. Also, you will get a chance to click better quality photos with the selfie shooter. Isn’t it’s amazing!

Details of Samsung Foldable Rotating Camera Module

This camera would have a hinge and two housing. The foldable smartphone will also have a motion sensor to determine the position of the device. And folding angle sensor to judge the angle of the housing of the camera module. Both of these sensors are incorporated to identify the direction of the camera and click pictures according to that. In fact, whenever you will open the camera application the gadget will automatically determine the direction and assist you in capturing beautiful moments. Samsung says that users can also control camera position via software toggle.

Importantly, the single rotating camera design will also reduce costs. However, the device will require delicate handling and you should take good care as they contain sophisticated components in its rotating module.

We can not state which mobile phone will have this new technology but it will happen soon. Till that give us your views in comments regarding rotating camera on foldable!



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