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5G trial in Pakistan: KPK Province takes lead in the IT sector!

5G trial in Pakistan

Ever since the last 2 years, 5G networks are stealing the limelight in many parts of the world. This new network allows the entire world around you to connect virtually. Many phones like Samsung Galaxy A22 have already started to develop both 4G and 5G variants. Everything, ranging from machines, devices, and objects will be brought on the same page. Many developing countries, including Pakistan, have started to acknowledge this network and are planning to introduce it into their own country. The recent 5G trial in Pakistan was a shred of evidence that proves it. On Thursday 17th June, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) successfully hosted a 5G trial for consumers at the Durshal Incubation Center in Peshawar.

The 5G trial at KP took place with The PTCL Group and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board (KPITB), under the supervision of the Department of Science and Information Technology. This trial was not on a commercial basis. Moreover, it presented an overview of cloud gaming, remote surgery concepts, and the applications of 5G technology across Pakistan.

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Benefits of the 5G trial at KP

If 5G technology, after this trial, gets approval to function, then Pakistan would be amongst the few nations which will benefit from this network. South Korea, Switzerland, and Kuwait are amongst a few others. Whereas, India is already reaping the benefits of 5G technology.

Moreover, there are several other benefits of this 5G trial in Pakistan. For example, Pakistan’s bandwidth would increase allowing faster speed. The KP Senior minister views this event as a significant milestone in the province’s history. Additionally, he, together with the Minister of IT, Science and Technology warmly congratulate all the stakeholders for the contributions they have made.

Experts believe that 5G will make it possible to supply medical and healthcare facilities to remote areas. Also, there can be a huge transformation in the education sector. It’s surely amazing. However, we must not overlook the challenges that we will have to face to turn this vision into reality. People at the 5G trial at KP, Pakistan did have some concerns.

So, What is the Bottom line?

Firstly, the rollout phase for 4G is not complete. Also, there are a couple of security concerns that come with 5G technology. During the 5G trial, it was said that Pakistan might not be ready to counter the security threats that will enter the country with a 5G network. Thirdly, infrastructural obstacles can put great pressure on the country’s economy.

However, on the same hand, 5G technology will bring a boom in the country. We really hope that other provinces pay attention to this matter soon. We will keep giving you updates on this. For now, this is all we know about the 5G trial at KP.



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