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Activate Fan Mode trademarked by Samsung-Gaming Mobile Hinted

Samsung Galaxy G - Gaming edition Active fan mode

Today, all high-end mobile phone companies are adding the best features to make their gadgets all-rounder. Most smartphones are capable of handling long gaming sessions but you must have noticed that most mobiles get heated while gaming. Companies are adding special features to attract game lovers. Similarly, Samsung is coming up with a new solution for mobile burning out during gaming. On May 11, 2021, Samsung has filed a trademark Activate Fan Mode in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Activate Fan Mode- Source- Letsgodigital
Activate Fan Mode-Source- Letsgodigital

To be Precise, Activate Fan Mode means that the latest smartphones from Samsung Galaxy will pack an internal cooling fan. This new system will enable you to enjoy even larger gaming sessions without the heating problem of your smartphones. You can just activate this fan cooling system yourself.

Samsung Galaxy Active Fan Mode – Unleash Your Fan Power

Additionally, On May 12, 2021, Samsung added another application with the name Unleash Your Fan Power. Both the application seems to be related and suggest that we will see this cooling fan system very soon.

Unleash Your Fan Power-Source Letsgodigital
Unleash Your Fan Power-Source Letsgodigital

Previously. In 2019 Nubia also launched the Nubia Red Magic 3, with a cooling fan in addition to a Liquid Cooling Coper heat pipe. Along with this, the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 a gaming smartphone also came up with a fan.

Although it’s not the first time Samsung is incorporating a cooling system. You might recall the Water Carbon Cooling system, the Copper Vapor Chamber cooling, or the Graphite Cooling pads. However, none of the previous Samsung gadgets had an internal fan built in them. We think. Activate fan Mode might have been inspired by the “No Fan Mode” that was introduced in Galaxy Book Pro laptop.

Samsung flagships always had great hardware but they couldn’t beat the best gaming-specific smartphones. You may have had used Galaxy S21Ultra for games and it may have proved to be good. But still, it would definitely get hot during long game sessions.

We believe that this fan mode is mainly for gaming as it demands higher performance from mobiles. But it’s not clear yet which Samsung Smartphone will come up with this Activate Fan Mode. It might come in the upcoming foldable Galaxy phones or the mightiest of Ultra’s, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, and if that happens then the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro and Google Pixel 6 won’t have a chance against anticipated Activate Fan Technology.

In short. Samsung is going to develop a never-released before insane gaming smartphone with this internal huge fan and enhanced cooling system.



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