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Google Pixel Camera software update to capture darker tones better

The way smartphones have been showing the skin has always been defective, especially for those with darker skin tones. This news was out on Google I/O keynote Livestream. The company highlighted that they have modified Google Maps, Google Photos, and Wear OS. Whereas they also announced some modifications for the Google Pixel Camera software. To be precise, Google revealed that Google pixel Cameras will be more comprehensive with darker skin colors. As they are going to be more accurate.

Well, it is good to know that someone is thinking about the darker tones. Because I have noticed in the camera software of OPPO, Vivo, Realme and, the likes of the handsets, that they transform the original colors to the brighter side. As a result, darker tones give a greyish unnaturally unpleasant look. The problem with darker skin tone is that their skin looks better with the warmer side because it’s brown, not black.

Camera software update for Google Pixel phones will be available from the fall event of 2021, where Google will showcase Google Pixel 6. With the design leaks, Google has already created, quite a buzz in the market. And coupled with camera updates, Google Pixel 6 would give a tough competition to iPhone 13 as well.

Google Aim for Its Pixel Camera software

“For people of color, photography has not always seen us as we want to be seen. Even on some of our own Google products. To make smartphone photography truly for everyone. We’ve been working with a group of industry experts to build a more accurate and inclusive camera.”

Sameer Samat, Vice President of Android, and Google Play

Google highlighted, that they have worked with expert photographers to diversify thousands of images. Moreover, Google is also improving the pixel camera software accuracy for Auto white balance as well as auto exposure algorithms.

Google declared that Micaiah Carter as a photographer and director is aiming to create software having a complexion guidebook. This guidebook will direct how to capture various skin tones accurately. This will result in the minimization of stray light so that we can get a natural brown complexion. Moreover, it will also reduce fake extra brightening and de-saturation of warmer skin shades.

The camera software updates would be available for existing Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 5 users. And it would be available for Google Pixel 6 in a deeper way and with all new features. In fact, Google is aiming for pixel 6 to be the best mobile camera of the current generation of phones.

Google Image Enhancements for Curly hairs

Google pixel camera software enhancement for curly hairs

The modifications will not only be for skin color. Google is also working on its software to shoot better curly and wavy hairs. This will result in the google pixel camera software accurately distinguish the curly hair from the background. This means a better performance of portrait mode.

Furthermore, Google also revealed that with all these updates and more, the Pixel 6 handset will launch this fall. Whereas google claimed that they will share there findings across the entire Android ecosystems. So that more OEMs can accurately portray people of all shades.

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