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S22 series display sizes revealed-They are shrinking

S22 series display sizes rumored

S22 Series display Sizes revealed. Smaller than the S21 line-up

The biggest rivalry of the smartphone market is up for another surprise. Apple iPhone 13 vs Samsung S22 series is getting more excited. Rumors are pouring in from all directions. A recent tweet that surfaced, claims that the display sizes of the upcoming S22 series are smaller than the previous generation.

Mauri QHD took Twitter to announce, via a source, that Samsung S22 will have a 6.06″ display size, S22+ to have a 6.51″ inch display size. Whereas, the most anticipated S22 Ultra to have 6.81″ of the display. Moreover, like a bummer, only the S22 Ultra will have an LTPO screen.

So, as per Mauri, the source who revealed the information has a pretty good record. So no LTPO means few things. Samsung intends S22 Ultra to be an exclusive phone, even apart from its brothers. Earlier we have had rumored news of iPhone 13 Pro Max to have LTPO screens as well.

S22 series display sizes rumored to be smaller than S21 series
S 22 Ultra – Picture credit LetsGoDigital

Comparison of Display sizes of S22 series with S21 series

S 216.8 inches, 112.1 cm2 (~89.8% screen-to-body ratio
S226.06 inches
S21+6.7 inches, 107.8 cm2 (~88.3% screen-to-body ratio)
S22+6.55 inches
S21 Ultra6.8 inches, 112.1 cm2 (~89.8% screen-to-body ratio)
S22 Ultra6.85 inches

Samsung might play with the screen to body ratio here. We, at Techarea 24 are expecting the ratio to exceed 90%, to compare for small screen sizes of S22 series.

So we are almost sure that, there won’t be any under-display camera for the S22 series. Since Samsung could not get the desired results. Moreover, can S21 ultra have an Activate Fan Mode or not, we are not sure yet. But if it has then iPhone 13 might not have a chance against S22 Ultra.

Another contender for that battle is sure to be Google Pixel 6 Pro. It would be interesting to see as to what all tweaks Google is planning to offset the competition. We expect it to be the price tag. Google would be low priced as compared to iPhone 13 series and Samsung S22 series phones.


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