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Xiaomi Studios-Creativity For Everyone-Isn’t It Fascinating?

In this fast pace world, clicking pictures and capturing beautiful moments via mobile phones is trending. Xiaomi has announced Xiaomi studios- the first-ever global film studio brand. The main concept of this establishment is to “Let everyone in the world enjoy the beautiful life brought by technology”.

Fathers day short film

Interestingly, Xiaomi studios started its work with a short film created on Father’s Day. This movie is shot via DXO ranked Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra with the theme ‘Co-Pier’. It tells the story of fathers who struggle for the betterment and happiness of their families.

It also says Xiaomi connects with smiles, connect with emotions, and connect with fathers. This film was performed by independent filmmakers from all over the world who use Mi smartphones for creating unique movies.

Xiaomi Creator Program

Company Xiaomi encourages users from domestic and overseas markets to explore technology and shoot unique audiovisuals. Along with Xiaomi studio. This company will launch the Xiaomi creator program which will provide opportunities to people who love shooting videos via smartphones.

In the past. We have seen Apple few short films via iPhone such as three minutes that were capture in China. Xiaomi is adopting the same strategy but it may expand all over the world. The Mi creator will not only show short movies but it will also show the journey of creators. This will inspire others to follow the journey of photography and video creation.

Furthermore, Xiaomi also claims that it is not only an opportunity for Xiaomi members but also a home for talented individuals. The company encourages people to shoot short films and stories. And those selected will get 100,000 yuan and a mobile phone.

Also. Xiaomi claims that Mi mobiles support 8K video shooting, optical image stabilization, digital zoom, time-lapse photography, and other modes that were only possible via expensive cameras. Now, mobile phones can perform all these functions at a low cost.

This is all we know about Xiaomi studios, but we expect it as an interesting move by the company. We will update you as more informaion will release.

Xiaomi Studios Pakistan – Fathers day movie via Mi 11

Taking the lead from Xiaomi Global, Mi Pakistan also showcased the Fathers Day movie. The movie is shot from Mi 11 which is currently priced in Pakistan at the price of 149,999. The title of the movie is “Zindagi Dhoop, Tum Ghana Saya” meaning “Life hardships are like blazing Sun and Fathers provide shelter to their families in scorching heat”. A very noble and heartwarming message and an equally emotional video.


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