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Xiaomi Foldable Phone Spotted in Chinese Subway

Man holding expected Xiaomi foldable set in a subway

Excited about a sneak peek of the Xiaomi Foldable Phone. Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola have already brought foldable phones into the market. Now it’s not so far that more companies will be following them. Xiaomi is also taking slow steps towards the launch of its own foldable product. A Galaxy fold-like phone with MIUI 12 onboard was spotted in the Chinese subway. According to these spy-shots that look like a pre-production design- concealing case.

Now there is uncertainty about the state of the product in a snap. But if Xiaomi is testing it out then surely it’s near the end of development phase.

Xiaomi Foldable Phone leaked specs

Man holding a presumable Xiaomi Foldable phone in Chinese subway
Xiaomi Foldable Leaked Picture

Let’s talk about pridictable features. The snap only shows that the MIUI 12 is the key feature running in device. Whereas as the storage will be 256GB. Disappointingly we didn’t see any selfiee camera on any corner of the handset. Moreover power key and volume keys were also visible on the right when the device was folded.

These are the only few specifications we know about Xiaomi foldable handset. But we ought to know and inform you more when we get more leaks.

Well, officials have confirmed, Xiaomi will launch a foldable phone in 2021. Alongside Oppo, Vivo and perhaps even Google may launch foldable mobiles in the second half of the year. Also, Samsung was expected to release Galaxy Z3 lite which didn’t happen. Whereas Samsung Z fold3, Z flip2 will remain Samsung’s top priority.

We are still unsure about the price range and camera specifications. So stay tuned for more. And meanwhile do follow us on Facebook to remain updated on every leak of the mobile industry.

Will Xiaomi Foldable Phone give a fight to the upcoming Huawei Folding Mate X2

Must read the sneak peek about the iPhone foldable. Tell me in the comments section which one you are excited about?



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