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Teleporting Smart Glasses Technology claims by Mark Zuckerberg –

Teleporting technology is shown in the picture where a person is meeting another person via hologram technology

Today we are here with teleporting smart glasses. Social media Giant Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg has claimed something huge a few days back. According to him, glasses-based digital technology will let you meet in person. What does he mean by in-person meeting? Yes, you get it right!. He is talking about teleporting to cut down unnecessary travel to reduce climate change.

He didn’t say it sure that it’s going to happen soon. Mark Zuckerberg used the word someday while claiming that people might be able to experience teleporting by smart glasses in the future. He believes that smart-glasses and a virtual meeting will aid in climate betterment by reducing unnecessary travel.

Mark Zuckerberg’s thoughts about teleporting smart glasses.

In an interview with The Information, Zuckerberg added,

Obviously, there are going to keep on being cars and planes and all that. But the more that we can teleport around, not only are we personally eliminating commutes and stuff that’s kind of a drag for us individually, but I think that’s better for society and for the planet overall, too.”

This shows that he thinks that there will still be the use of transport means but lesser than now. Because the more we avoid travel the better it will be for the planet. So he thinks teleporting is the best way to reduce global warming happening by the use of vehicles.

Furthermore, Zuckerberg said about perks of having teleporting smart glasses:

There are going to be all these awesome use cases that come from this….rather than calling someone or having a video chat, you just kind of snap your fingers and teleport, and you’re sitting there and they’re on their couch and it feels like you’re there together,”

Facebook CEO looks certainly concerned about climate change. He further added about virtual

We talked a little bit about climate change before just being so important. People are just going to want to maybe travel a little less in the future and do it more efficiently. To be able to go places without having to take the travel or commute time.”

Moreover, Technology giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook have already played with augmented reality. Google has introduced Google Glass long ago. It took the first step towards augmented reality. Though it didn’t become successful around the consumer. Enterprise space, however, welcomed the technology with open hands.

Microsoft mixed reality Mesh

We can see Teleporting smart glasses are not far from the future. Microsoft is not behind in the race. It is working on mixed reality through Holocene for so long. Recently Microsoft has introduced the technology called Mesh powered by the Azure cloud. Microsoft has presented it with advanced mixed reality mind-boggling capabilities.

However, the company aims to combine augmented reality and virtual reality in an amazing way. This will ultimately change the ways of communication between employees currently. This technology doesn’t work solely on the HoloLens headset. it is likely to be available on other VR headsets as well. With this model it is visible that technology is progressing at light’s speed. If this is the case we will soon be teleporting by smart glasses.

Mark Zuckerberg’s take on Augmented reality.

Facebook a software Giant is taking slow steps towards hardware. Mark Zuckerberg has also financed virtual reality. He owns one of the world’s top leading virtual reality companies oculus. Sources have also leaked the company’s hands-on development of smart glasses. Those are not teleporting smart glasses though. For this purpose, the company has joined hands with Ray-Ban and parent Luxottica Group SpA. We have also shared a detailed report about Facebook smartwatches

Mark Zuckerberg has claimed to deliver normal-looking connected glasses with intelligent abilities.

All these claims are somewhat captivating. This took me to the thriller series plot Red Queen Red in which the queen’s brother can teleport. I think we are predicting for so long that one day we will be able to teleport. The world is progressing aggressively fast. Let see how fast technology work and make this possible.

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