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CoD Clan Wars is live in Pakistan-Exclusive Rewards Announced

Pakistan’s Mobile gamer’s most played game, CoD (Call Of Duty) has come again with a new season. Therefore, they are dropping new features and more content one after another. Besides, Activision is aiming to bring more competitive choices for players.

This time call of duty (CoD) mobile has launched a new Clan Wars element in Season 4. Clan Wars allow CoD warriors to combat weekly competitions for their clan to secure top ranks and win multiple rewards.

Though the upcoming CoD mobile world championship is granting the prize worth more than $2 million (USD) with free rewards. The CoD mobile represented Clan Wars as the “biggest feature” since the Gunsmith System. As clan Wars allow you to pair with either friends or stranger to battle and earn cosmetic rewards. It will lead you to rank on the leaderboard even more up.

What’s different in Clan Wars?

Cod Clan Wars is live now for mobile

Clan Wars is different from ranked mode. Players play the rank mode to climb up the leaderboard themselves. Although in Clan wars mode players team up to rank up in the leaderboard and win rewards together. Clan Wars also has 2 seasons like rank mode which will reset every time to be more competitive with new rewards. According to CoD mobile dev:

“Every two seasons it will reset, there will be new rewards, and your clan will have new chances to climb the leaderboards”

1st June 2021 began the clan wars CoD mobile season 4 event in full swing. Whereas, we expect that this mode will reset in season 6 along with new rewards.

To join this mode, a player needs to be part of a clan first. Finding a clan won’t be a difficult task as the dev team assured it. They said: “Once Clan Wars launches, there will be plenty of new clans forming up.

And you’ll be able to find plenty of options to fit your needs. They further added that a player doesn’t need to be super active to be a part of Clan Wars.

Multiple Clans with different play attitudes will be there. So it’s your choice to either play casually helping each other in winning rewards or compete violently for the best.

Guide to Play Clan Wars after clan joining

Well, if you are eager to play CoD mobile season 4 Clan Wars with your clan and win exciting cosmetic rewards. Here are few tips you need to multiply your progress and win in Clan Wars. Most importantly you need to catch Clan Nodes.

The event is divided into mini-seasons as daily missions. These daily challenges are a set of unique tasks and modifiers. The clans will fight each node for a specific period. Whereas each clans’ rank will decide how much game currency they will earn.

Mini-seasons _ daily challenges of Clan Wars.

Furthermore, there will be a clan battle between two clans every week in CoD mobile season 4 clan wars. This will lead you to experience a new opponent every time. Whereas it will also reduce the possibility of a single team ranking first consistently. To keep fighting against clans, your clan will need to register every time a mini-season reset. However, the bonus point will go to the clan that captures the node.

To get more understanding lets consider an example. For suppose the team task is to overthrow rivals using a custom SMG with five attachments. So, the more clan member complete the goal the more node point you will earn. Ultimately the clan with highest nodes will secure the top on the leaderboard. So, the higher you go on clan Wars leaderboard the better will be the rewards.

CoD Mobile season 4 Clan Wars rewards policy prize your Clan placing well throughout the first season. The clan member has a chance to earn numerous exciting cosmetic rewards. As well as playing Clan wars will increase your clan currency. So ultimately you will be able to buy more rewards and game cosmetics. Whereas you can also get these items “Through weekly rewards. But these are based on yours and your clan performance.” as well as “the Clan Leaderboard Climbing.” CoD Mobile team explained that this rewarding policy has a purpose. This will make sure you get the reward according to your effort even though your clan isn’t pulling through hard. So the individual efforts also matter if you want to grab a handsome reward.

Here’s the full list of rewards

For the purpose that you compete with more enthusiasm, we are giving you the complete list of Clan wars rewards. So following is the list of CoD mobile season 4 Clan Wars rewards

  • Ronin
  • HagakureQXR
  • Rebirth Backpack
  • Ronin Chest Piece
  • Ronin Helmet
  • RoninRUS-79U
  • Brushed ChromeQXR
  • Brushed Chrome Chopper
  • AmbushDL Q33
  • AmbushASM10
  • AmbushKnife
  • AmbushSMRS
  • AmbushFrag Grenade
  • AmbushFlashbang Grenade
  • AmbushRank Border
  • Elite 1 Rank Border
  • Elite 2 Rank Border
  • Pro 1 Rank Border
  • Elite 3 Rank Border
  • Pro 2 Rank Border
  • Pro 3 Rank Border
  • Legendary

This was the detailed update for CoD mobile season 4 Clan Wars for players of Pakistan and around the globe. But you can also check about The top 10 mobile game updated by us to enjoy more. Whereas best gaming phones are also listed by us.



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