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OnePlus 9E will have a 690 Snapdragon Processor – Confirmed

OnePlus 9 Shown in the oicture

OnePlus 9 series is creating a buzz in the mobile market these days. A buildup is being made for the finale. Earlier, we posted that OnePlus will launch its 9 series next month. Series 9 is going to include three different models.

Unlike the previous generation that had two models. However, Series 9 will have the OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9 pro, and OnePlus 9E.

On the other hand, the third model 9E has been a mysterious model for all of us. If you want more information regarding the OnePlus update, become a regular returner of the site.

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OnePlus 9E Specs

As per some sources, 9E will use a 6.5-inch FHD+ display screen. The Refresh Rate will be about 120Hz, which will be adaptive. Meaning thereby, that it will not continue to work on that refresh rate and would adapt to different situations. . Furthermore, the new series will host a Snapdragon 690 processor and a 128GB storage space. It has 8GB memory as well.

If we focus on the camera, it will have a 64-MP main shooter. Moreover, it has an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens. Besides the camera features, It will have a battery of 5000mAh.

We are still not sure about the price yet. However, we can predict that the price will be lower than the other two models.

OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro – Explained

The Pro will be coming with Snapdragon 888 processor. It’s the flagship machine among all 9 series. This model will have 8GB RAM and 128GB storage space. If we look into the camera feature, the main camera is 48MP f/1.8 with a 64MP ultra-wide-angle f/2.2 aperture lens. Furthermore, it has a 3.3X zoom lens. OnePlus 9 pro has an AMOLED screen with 3216X1440 resolution power. The refresh rate will be of 120Hz. Besides all these, the battery capacity would be 5000 mAh.

OnePlus 9 Pro will have a reverse wireless charging feature at the same time. This model will also boast a Hasselblad camera. It’s expected that the camera’s result will be improved after receiving this information. More amazingly, it can shoot 8K videos. Furthermore, this model of OnePlus can shoot 4K videos at 120fps.

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