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Exciting News For PUBG Lovers – BattleGrounds Mobile India Is Launching

Battlegrounds mobile India poster

Good news for all PUBG game lovers! Krafton inc, a South Korean company that developed PUBG, has announced a modified version called ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’.

Based on recent reports, the Battle Royale game is similar to the PUBG game. India will see an exclusive release of the game. PUBG qualified for inclusion in our best mobile games of 2021 so far

BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA will be released with its e-sports ecosystem of tournaments and leagues. And will have in-game outfits and features. The good news is, that the game will be available to play free on smartphones.

Moreover, the company has removed all previous content from YouTube and Facebook. And suggesting that the new game will be a fresh start in India. The page only shows the new logo of Battleground mobile India.

Company plans to make some changes, especially for the Indian market. These include a virtual simulation training ground. Characters of the game will be fully clothed, and the blood will be green, instead of red.

Banning of PUBG

India, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Korea, Jordan, Nepal, Israel, and Iraq banned the game due to multiple reasons.

The banning of PUBG in India came as a result of complaints of stealing users’ data, nudity, and display of bloodshed. Hence, as per Information Technology rules of 2009, Ministry decided to shut the game. They claim that it is “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity” of the country.

The ministry decided to restrict access and ban a total of 118 applications including PUBG.

Pakistan banned this game over the complaints of being addictive and adversely affecting children’s physical and psychological health. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India-Official Website

It has been confirmed that Krafton is launching a new game that will be a replacement for the most famous game PUBG. Developers terminated the official PUBG website but now the new official website of Battleground mobile India is live.

Although this website does not reveal any information about the launch date and features of the game. The homepage has an animation revealing its name and logo. The home page of the website has a dedicated section, that is linked with the Battlegrounds Mobile India YouTube channel

India- Specific Features

In the report, the developer suggests that this game will be specific to the country to make it more attractive and interesting. It revealed that the game will have exclusive in-game tournaments, leagues, and outfits. to address the nudity issue, the avatars in the new game will be fully clothed.

Moreover, you won’t see the red blood when someone is killed. As violence/bloodshed was a major concern of Indian parents. So developers have simulated blood with green color.

This game will also have restrictions for the young generation ( below 18). Children will only be allowed to join the game with their parent’s mobile number. Furthermore, no more than Rs 7000 could be spent on in-app purchases.

Moreover, since the game is only for India, so it could not be played with players outside this country.

Launch Date of BattleGrounds Mobile India

The developer Krafton has not revealed this game’s launch date. But the expected date is the end-May or the start of June 2021. The company has announced that pre-registration will start before the release date.  

Users will have to register on Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. And wait until the game becomes available for download. Also, they will calibrate with partners to develop an e-sports ecosystem while bringing new in-game content and outfits on a regular basis

Privacy and Security

Krafton Inc. considers privacy and security a top priority of battlegrounds mobile India. As per the company, privacy rights will be ensured in the new version. As a result, all data and storage will comply with laws and regulations in India and work with other partners to ensure protection rights.

Gamers Reaction on Twitter after Announcement

The news of battleground mobile India similar to PUBG created a huge buzz among gamers on various social media platforms, especially Twitter. Gamers express their excitement and feelings via ample memes.

Here’s people reaction on Twitter after the announcement of battle ground mobile India.


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